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INDUSTREX Digital (CR) films are produced by CARESTREAM NDT according to the needs of NDT Computed Radiography applications where high image clarity and sharpness are required.

All applications that can be performed in conventional radiography can be realized much faster and with much fewer exposure requirements with flexible digital CR films. Due to the nature of CR films containing Phosphorus, it is possible to view them multiple times with a single digital film.


Versatile Use Suitability
- Use with rigid cassettes
- Use with flexible cassettes
- Usage with metal screens and filters of appropriate thickness

Flexible Structure
- Structure suitable for wrapping most shapes as with conventional Radiography films,
- Can be cut in desired sizes.

Several times usage 
- Repeated use up to hundreds of times under appropriate exposure, scanning, and erasing conditions.

Less Exposure Requirement
- Less exposure (time, kV) requirement than conventional radiography.

Certification and Standards
- Provide the highest imaging classification of EN 14784-1 and ASTM E2446 standards when used with the HPX-1 Plus CR System
- HR and XL Blue films are certified by BAM. (BAM/ZBF/001/18 and BAM/ZBF/002/18)



Renewable Energy



Defence Industry


Oil and Gas Facilities and Pipelines


The HPX-1 Plus is a Computed Radiography system that has a high resolution, designed specifically for NDT requirements by CARESTREAM NDT.

HPX-PRO is a high resolution Computed Radiography (CR) system that is lightweight and easily transportable, maximizing productivity in field conditions.

HPX-DR 3543 PE Non-Glass is a Flat Panel (DR) system that is glass-free components and has high impact resistance.

HPX-DR 2530 has ideal PH and GC configurations for applications where high resolution and high throughput are required.

2905 HD is a digital film scanner that has been developed to get the best results in a combination with high speed and high resolution.

It is used to determine spatial resolution (Spatial Resolution) and to evaluate the sharpness in digital systems.

CR Phantom is used to test parameters such as spatial resolution, sharpness, contrast, MTF, laser beam jitter, scan shift, and shading factor in digital radiography.