Non-destructive testing methods are vital for the early detection of defects and discontinuities in the Aerospace Industry.


The materials used in the production of Alternative Energy aim to be long-lasting and work stably under difficult field conditions. Ultrasonic and Radiographic Tests are mostly preferred in such high production precision is required.


Non-destructive testing applications are indispensable in the design of safer vehicles with extended body life.


All of the NDT methods are preferred in order to detect discontinuities such as gas gap and slag residue that may occur during and after casting.


Defense Industry and Aerospace Industry - where high material quality and high production precision are required - are the sectors where the first non-destructive testing methods are used and direct this field.


The Railway Industry owes it largely to NDT applications to be one of the most reliable transportation types. Early detection of defects and discontinuities is of vital importance in this industry.