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The BARS RTDR is a digital radiography system that has been specially designed by RADIATECH for radiography inspection of pipeline weld seams. This system is equipped with a high-resolution flat panel and it allows fast, efficient and reliable inspection of weld seams.

Thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design, it can be carried easily in hard environmental conditions. Its installation to the weld and its transportation between welds can be done by only one personnel easily.

BARS RTDR system can be used for both double wall technique (DW) and single-wall technique (SW) applications. It is designed to meet all requirements of EN ISO 17636-2 Class B quality class.

BARS Client software which is the imaging and evaluation program of the BARS RTDR system stands out with its user-friendly interface, efficiency of use and DICONDE compatibility.


Flexible Operating Range
BARS RTDR is a real-time digital radiography system specially designed for the inspection of weld seams of pipes with a diameter range of 10 – 1420 mm.

The user can get the images from pipes in the diameter range of 10-108 mm with elliptical double-wall, pipes in the diameter range of 114 - 530 mm with the double-wall (DW-Double Wall) and pipes in the diameter range of 114 - 1420 mm with the single wall (SW-Single Wall) technique.

High Imaging Class
The images obtained with the BARS RTDR system meet all the requirements of the B class, which is the highest imaging classification according to the EN ISO 17636-2.

This system stands out with its Flat Panel technology - offering high resolution - and X-Ray Generator - with low focal size -.

Flat Panel Technology
With a very small pixel pitch of 50 microns and a flat panel detector with CMOS sensor technology, a hard-to-reach 8 lp/mm image resolution can be achieved.

BARS RTDR, which consists of durable system components suitable for use in harsh field conditions, provides ease of transportation with its very light structure.

Thanks to its modular design, the installation process can be carried out in a very short time with only one personnel and full positioning can be made on the pipe with its magnetic feet.

BARS Client, which is the software of the BARS RTDR system, enables easy viewing and evaluation with its simple and user-friendly interface. Evaluation processes can be carried out easier with the filters and defect sizing options it provides.

Data security
Data security and data integrity are guaranteed with images produced in a format by the DICONDE standard. In addition, it is possible to obtain images in TIFF, JPEG and other formats.



Renewable Energy



Defence Industry


Oil and Gas Facilities and Pipelines


The HPX-1 Plus is a Computed Radiography system that has a high resolution, designed specifically for NDT requirements by CARESTREAM NDT.

HPX-PRO is a high resolution Computed Radiography (CR) system that is lightweight and easily transportable, maximizing productivity in field conditions.

HPX-DR 3543 PE Non-Glass is a Flat Panel (DR) system that is glass-free components and has high impact resistance.

It is used to determine spatial resolution (Spatial Resolution) and to evaluate the sharpness in digital systems.